Gardening Yoga DVD

Gardening Yoga with Victoria Mary Clarke Part One: Easy, Effective, Beginner-Friendly, Yoga for Gardeners

Writer, gardener and yoga teacher Victoria Mary Clarke has devised these easy, simple and totally beginner friendly yoga sequences to alleviate and prevent the aches and pains most commonly caused by gardening.

“Gardening Yoga” includes

  • · Breathing Exercises
  • · Warm–up sequences
  • · Postures to ease muscular tension in the back, neck, shoulders and legs
  • · Postures to loosen the joints
  • · Postures to strengthen the lower back and abdomen
  • · All in a beautiful Irish garden!

About Victoria Mary Clarke - Media Coach

I am a holistic Media Coach, helping passionate, heart centred entrepreneurs who genuinely want to make the world a happier place by sharing their work with the world. I have been a journalist/author/broadcaster for over 20 years and I use a unique mixture of Angel channelled guidance and energy work, presentation/voice coaching, Life Coaching and practical advice to get you out there with clarity, confidence and charisma!
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